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11-17-2008, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Newhabfan View Post
Unlike us, he is the coach. And his declarations to the media are part of his coaching.

He can't go blasting his players in the media after the last game, even if he might feel like it. You want your team to build on last night painful success. The same applies to Murray.

There is a time for "holding players acountable" like after the Toronto game. But it was not yesterday.

And besides, they actually did work last night. They lacked precision in execution and luck. But this will come.
obviously psychology goes into everything he says, and what he says to the media might be exactly the opposite to what he says in the dressing room (in this case im actually pretty sure it was)...
i get all of this.

i just personally prefer a guy in the Parcells/Bowman model, who have no reservations about calling out there team/players, and who tend to hold themselves (and by default the team they run) to a higher standard than even the media/fans.

we arent talking about little boys and girls playing house-league here, if a guy is going to get his panties in a knot because his coach expects effort AND execution, than he probably isn't built for professional sports.

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