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Originally Posted by RedScull View Post
Well I don't consider him a Beliveau or Richard either, but I would certainly consider several others who are up in the rafters to have much less legend than Roy.

And who else should be put up in his stead?
I was referring to rocketlives original post about how some guys, mainly from the 40's team should have been honoured.

My guess is that they simply made a decison as to which previous generation players would be honoured and these guys were not part of the group. I'm not real excited about debating Durnan vs. Plante vs. Dryden vs. Roy so I don't get too excited either way.

I like to compare players from different eras, and you can do it reasonably I think, but goalies, I have no feel for how to rate or rank them.

What I meant in my post was that while I don't necesarily think of him as an exemplary human being like I do some others, he is defeintely in my mind, one of the legends surrounding the franchise. I agree with you g damnit.

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