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11-17-2008, 02:27 PM
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Originally Posted by peperebougon View Post
To the 2nd, third and fourth posters....I knew exactly what I was gonna see when I opened this thread. Good job Bob! Pick up the phone Bob! Bob is asleep etc....

I hope you were sarcastic....because posters like you make this board hell. Sure Bob is in his office clipping his toe nails...

We are gonna get someone better than Boucher I think. I must be biased though because I never thought he was that good except for a couple seasons.

I'd like to see Weber or Carle a couple times this season....let's wait!!!! The longer we wait, the bigger salary we will be able to fit under the cap. Simple. Bob is patient and he'll pull the trigger. The timing is just not right. He probably has already targeted a couple guys better than Boucher and waits so he could fit them under the cap. Or he is just clipping his toe nails. Yours to judge.
I was about to be a little mean, thinking that you were expecting to land Shea Weber... or to be stoopid enough to want Matthew Carle to play on a third team this year, 4 in two years... and only then I got what you meant

Am I getting slower minded, or is it just globalization that makes everything harder to follow?

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