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11-17-2008, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Melrose_Jr. View Post
Well, I was only thinking that back to back losses to the Islanders might earn Auld a seat on the bench. That said, I didn't watch those games though, so I'm not sure what the team in front of him looked like, although I assume it didn't look good.
No, not very good at all. I'm not sure that you can say I'm the minority opinion on the Sens board anymore (as most are seeing now that Gerber is a confidence sucking loser)... but they've been fairly predictable the past few years and it all surrounds their confidence in their goaltending.

Gerber is a short, butterfly goalie with no reflexes. He goes down fast, opens up a 2 foot strip across the top of the net and allows anything up high. However, he is good laterally. Which has made him better than average down low (and ultimately in close) and below average up high (which includes perimeter shots). Basically, Gerber's strengthes and weaknesses go against fundamental defense strategy. Our defensive play has repeatedly collapsed in front of Gerber. Our D-men play goalie, our forwards play defense... nobody challenges the shooters and we end up giving up high quality chances.

Auld... Auld is big. All he has to do is stand there and stop perimeter shots. The more he does that, the more the team is likely to spread out and start challenging shooters and allow fewer and fewer quality chances.

Maybe this sounds crazy... but really, it's just a re-hash of Emery taking over the starting job in Mid-Nov. 06-07.

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