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11-17-2008, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by shamski7 View Post
alright im getting in the middle of this...

you're going to call someone else brilliant in a sarcastic tone when you use the already over used spending your mom's money line? or anything about someone's mom for that matter. get some new material before you insult someone.
Just wait, pretty soon we'll hear someone challenge someone else to a fight...

The Nodl experiment is not over, nor should it be. If a single benching or boneheaded play meant a player's time with the team was over, half this team would be gone.

And I'm getting ****ing sick of the Downie/Jones/Stevens ****. Downie was treated like **** by Stevens, we know. Stevens plays favorites, we know. Hell, let's just say that Randy Jones is the ********* defenseman in the world and trade him for Ryan Hollweg. The fact remains that Downie is gone and not coming back, Stevens is here for at least the year, and Jones has positive qualities to go along with the negative ones.

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