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11-17-2008, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Randall Graves View Post
And if the ducks duo were playing as poorly as the Kings duo so far this would be a totally lopsided poll...
i think duck fans are the only ones who get how well perry and getzlaf cycle the puck. getzlaf didn't get a +32 in 77 games last year because he had chris pronger on the blue line, or half a year of a very rusty and out of shape scott niedermayer. i think a lot of it was giguere and the fact he might have been a little fortunate to not be on the ice when a lot of goals just happened to trickle in, but there is still a very big reason why that didn't happen often. getzlaf has to be as good of a puck possession forward as there is in the league. you might have to see him in person to truly appreciate the nuanced way he handles the puck and the decisions he makes to gain the zone. i hope kings fans didn't ignore how well perry and getzlaf cycled the puck and maintained possession throughout very long shifts last night.

don't get me wrong, kopi is amazing with the puck in front of the net, even among defenders, and can really set people up, just an exceptional playmaker with a good nose for the net too, but the difference is that what he's doing (at least right now) is waiting for things to just line up in the correct order. waiting for the pass to be there when he needs it to be there, or for the play to open up just right, and getzlaf and perry are much more aggressive and effective at winning battles for pucks in the congested areas of the ice. what this does besides hopefully create more scoring chances even if they're not quite the prettiest chances, is that they really neutralize the other team's offense. and as much as has been said with dustin brown's aggressiveness, he's still not the kind of player defensively that getzlaf is.

if i was very confident the ducks duo would turn out better in the long run i'd say so. as much as i do think they have the edge and as much as i hope they will in the future, i just think kopitar might have malkin type potential. he's the only one who has a chance to really improve significantly, i wouldn't put money on it, but it could maybe happen. however i think you have to be a little unfair though if you're watching both duos this year and last year and are more impressed with kopi and brown.

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