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11-17-2008, 06:45 PM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
We both saw his entire career. There was always the feeling that something 'could' happen if he got on a roll. 86 did it. After that, there was always a chance. Now we both remember disapointing games, games like Cam Neely from outside the blueline, which btw, was 3 games after the legend grew bigger after the appendectomy.

I'm fine with it this year, they plan a year long celebration, so why not do it this year ? I agree that he didn't always play as the legend suggests, and I agree with Darz regarding 93, but being the most prominent guy during 2 cup runs, I have no problem.

Keep in mind that his last one here was 15 years ago, so a lot of the younger posters didn't see every game, every year. I know what I remember at 10, and while I can recall stuff, I can't argue Hodge vs. Worlsey with any substance.
I am somewhat indifferent about the Roy honor. Roy had a bittersweet career with the Habs and there will always be an asterix next to his name. Lafleur went through tough times at the end of his career but he exited with class. I always felt that there was a crass element to his personality so I have a hard time feeling excited about Saturday.

Ultimately, I sense the Habs brass wanted a big splash for the next sweater retiring evening and I don't think they thought Butch Bouchard would have the same impact on this 100th year push. Roy is still fresh in many fans mind.

BTW McPhee, are you going to Dylan tomorrow night?

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