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Originally Posted by SaveHextall View Post
Most would agree that Parent is considered the greatest goalie in Flyers history.

Now if Hextall stole that Cup in '87 or any other year, do you think he would be considered the best in franchise history?

Should be noted, Hextall is the all-time leader in wins for the team...

LOL, Hexty could have won 5 cups and he still wouldn't be better than Bernie. Parent was one of the best goalies OF ALL TIME!!!. The Flyers had no business even being in the playoffs with the teams they had in their 2 cup years let alone winning it all. Bernie flat out won us those cups just about all by himself. Yes we had a few really good players on those teams but overall, we were a bad team compared to most. Bernie MADE those teams. If Hexty was as good as Bernie then the Flyers probably would have won at least 2 cups in the 80's and we wouldn't have been swept by the Wings in the 90's.

I like Hexty and he's one of my favorite players of all time but I think you'd be hard pressed to put him in even the top 50 goalies of all time whereas Bernie is easily in the top 10 and if not for injuries would most likely be counted as a top 5 and possible a top 3 of all time. Bernie was seriously that damn good.

Lindberg showed some of Bernies same quickness and ability but he was also HUGELY inconsistant and acutally overall, Frose was a much more consistant goalie and probably better for the team. Lindberg could be just unbeatable but he could also have games where he had more holes than Swiss Cheese. Because of his potential, most people consider Lindberg as the Flyers 2nd best goalie and Hexty as the 3rd best.

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