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11-18-2008, 08:00 AM
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Wen I am tire of travail-trop
I put on coat of coon
And go see Canadiens make meence-meat of Maroon

When Joliat skate out I yell
Unteel I have a pain
I trow my ‘at up in the hair
And shout “Urrah,” again.

“Shut up, Pea Soup”, an Henglishman
Sourcastic say to me;
So I turn round to heem and yell :
“Shut up, you Cup of Tea.”

Dat was a ver’ exciting game:
De score eet was a tie;
An’ den dat leetle Joliat
Get hanger een hees heye.

He was so queek he mak’ dem look
Jus’ lak’ a lot of clown
An, wen he shoot, de wind from ‘er
Eet knock de hompire down.

Dat was de winning goal, ‘urrah;
De game she come to hend.
I yell: “Bravo for Joliat;
You ‘ear: ‘e ees ma friend.”

De Henglishman he say: “Pardon,”
An’ he tak off hees hat:
“De Breetish Hempire steel ees safe
Wen men can shoot lak’ dat.”

An’ den he say, “Bravo,” as hard
As Henglishman can whoop:
“I tink tonight I’ll change from tea
To bally ole pea-soup.”

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