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11-18-2008, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Maverik View Post
Anyone noticed Saturday vs Philly when Brunet showed us a replay of why Andrei was NOT scoring. He had the replay and paused it and made a circle right in front of the net saying "If I wanted to score, that's where I would go". The he let the replay continue and guess what? Andrei went straight through the circle, with a guy fighting him all the way there.

My friend and I could not stop laughing at him. Houde actually went : "uh, oh.. let's get back to the game".

Like some other poster said on here somewhere, he has too much of a 4th line mentality. Everyone must crash the net and screw the fancy plays... He's starting to sound like Pedneault, he focuses on 1 player that is not doing so well and tries to find flaws in every moves he makes on the ice while in fact, he's not doing THAT bad
Pretty much. I was laughing when he was saying how coaches always told him that if HE wanted to score, HE had to go in front of the net. He never realized that it was due to his shooting ability and what not. I wish someone just sit with the guy and make him realize that there is more than one way to score a goal.

That being said, when things are going bad, dumping the puck and making the D work isn't a bad strategy and he does point that out often enough. I just wish he had a bit more diversity and the like.

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