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11-18-2008, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
I was a little annoyed with his comments as well...

especially when you compare it to Murray's comments (st-louis coach), who said something along the lines of: those guys (habs) are supposed to be one of the top teams in the league, im proud with how the guys played and happy that we got a point out of it...

contrast that with some of carb's comments:
''I thought tonight was one of our best games,'' Canadiens coach Guy Carbonneau said. ''We were able to battle back in the third and win it in a shootout, so we're really happy.''

who was the favorite team in that game? who "should" be expecting to win if they play well?
Does Carbo really believe that our "best game" = a shoot-out win over a short-handed st-louis? and if it's just the context of being our best game this season... well 16 games in shouldn't a team with lofty expectations be playing a heck of a lot better than that?

it's about expectations, and style.

carbo doesn't seem to be concerned about holding the guys as accountable as some around here (including me) would like.

Some people prefer "softer" coaching styles, some prefer the more "abrasive" (and mind you, murray is known as one of the more abrasive type guys).

certainly in the NHL, and in every other sports league, there are many examples of both ways succeeding.

but i think it's fair for some people to be questioning how a "supposed" cup contending team can be "Happy" with needing a shoot-out to beat a reeling bottom tier team.

"happy to get the points but we can/need to play better"...
"happy that we are moving in the right direction, and we know we can play better"...
"happy about the win, but I hope/know nobody is satisfied with this performance"...

something, anything, that indicates a little more fire, a little more expectation, a little more realization that this team can and should take it to a team like the blues, especially after they lose one of their best players/1st C in the first period.

I could'nt disagree more with your overall attitude here. Their are many top notch teams in the league right now and the difference between a first place finish and 8th is often 10 points or so. I really don't think the Canadiens or Carbo or Gainey think their "cup contenders" or a "favorite" I think its their goal and their aim but don't go waltzing around thinking just because we finished 1st in the conference last year that we are some kind of shoe in to face Detroit in the cup final. If the Habs carried the same attitude you have displayed in this post on the ice they would be dead in the water. (or ice)

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