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11-18-2008, 10:58 AM
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I think Roy deserves it, but I can see why some think it should have waited until other habs greats were honoured.

the one thing I don't get is people trying to take pot-shots at him by questioning how his career would have looked had he not played for the talented avs teams later in his career.

Any HOF player who reaches the top of the lists stat wise HAD to benefit from playing with some very good players/teams...

do you really think Gretzky's assault on the record books would have been so complete had he not played with HOFer's like Kurri/Coffey/Messier and the rest of that oiler dynsaty?

would Brodeur be knocking on Roy's statistical doorstep had he been drafted by the Jets and played for the Jets/yotes during the 90's instead of behind Stevens/Niedemayer/Daneyko/Rafalski in the Devils/Lemaire's trapping system?

Roy "benefited", stats-wise, by playing for the Avs when they emerged into an annual cup contender (then again, are they the same cup contender with jocelyn in nets?), but he was also targeted by them as a result of his All-Star caliber play from the decade before that.

Roy had a HOF caliber career, he would have been a HOFer wether or not he had moved on to the Avs, and likely his stats wouldn't have been quite as good, but then again, maybe if Roy win's that power struggle, the habs fire tremblay (and houle who refuses to fire his buddy) and end up hiring a young Ken Holland, who then uses the draft to improve the team (instead of destroy it as those clowns did)...
97 we get M.Hossa instead of J.Ward
98 we get Gagne instead of Chouinard
99 we get Zetterberg instead of Buturlin
00 we get Frolov/Vishnovsky instead of Hainsey/Marcel Hossa

playing the what-if game is dangerous (especially to the mental health fans of habs fans who lived through the 90's draft debacles).

Roy is Roy, with his stats as they are. His career deserves to be celebrated. Bashing him for his career stats is ridiculous...

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