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11-18-2008, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Predanerd View Post
Unfortunately, Refs don't have the benefit of watching instant replays over and over. It happened so quick I can understand why there was no call. I haven't seen a replay yet, but I didn't see an obvious penalty when the play happened.
I agree that this is the most difficult sport in the world to officiate and the fact that they are not allowed to use instant replay to make penalty calls is perfectly fine with me. As a matter of fact, I would be vehemently opposed to expanding replay from it's current role because it would cause unnecessary delays and take out the human element of the game.

From where I sit, I was essentially looking at the play from the exact opposite angle of both referees. That may have been a major factor in the officials not seeing the push from behind, but that does not excuse the fact that there are four sets of eyes on the ice that could have made that call.

The fact that O'Halloran being the trail official with a very poor angle on the play, immediately rules "no foul" and further rules that the faceoff should come outside because Arnott was not forced into the net is what is so appalling. L'Ecuyer (an AHL official on substitute duty) was the official in the zone and immediately blew the whistle to stop play when the goal was dislodged, but it wasn't until after O'Halloran (the senior NHL official) ruled the play to come outside that L'Ecuyer made any type of motion besides putting his hands up to stop play.

Seeing it live I immediately thought we should have been going on a 5 on 3 advantage with Pavelski serving two minutes for interference, but as soon as you saw that Arnott was injured, the penalty automatically should have been upped to a five-minute major and game misconduct for interference. Replays had no effect on the outcome of my opinion and I stand by my initial call.

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