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11-18-2008, 02:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs10Habs View Post
I know, trust me I'm not a big Breezer fan either. But the one thing he brings is he can still pass the puck. Something that poor Dandy was never really able to master.

I do agree with you about having Lapierre in the line up. I know some posters would like for him to be better offensively. But I think he's done a very good job in the role Carbo has given him. He forechecks like a mad man, and works well to keep the opposition pinned in their own zone. I'd also like to point out that I don't like Lats on the 4th line, I think Carbo's making a mistake putting him there.
I've been talking about this since the St-Louis game.
I just did not understand how putting Lapierre in the press box helps our team. The best reasoning I have is that Carbo was fed up about hearing ''Begin this and that''.
In no way is Begin centering the 4th better. I felt Laps played great in general since the start, really did not understand why he was scratched.

As for Lats on 4th, it's completely insulting. The kid had a great start, 7pts/8-9GP. Higgins comes back, takes over Lats PP Time, 2GP later he takes his spot back with Koivu even though he didn't play particularly well. That moves Lats on a 3rd line that everybody already knew wasn't going to produce. Few games later, he's put on 4th even if he wasn't playing badly. St-Louis game produces nothing, he's put back with Koivu/Tang for 1 shift and if Hartnell doesn't knock off the net, he would have scored.
Now he's on 4th line again, while Kosto is on 2nd??...

Man, sometimes I really ask myself what's going through Carbo's mind.

Kosto and Lapierre have played very similarly I found this season. Kosto gets to play on 2nd line but Laps is scratched and Lats is on 4th? How does any of this make sense..

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