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11-18-2008, 02:49 PM
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Ice Maintenance : how to improve ice quality

I play hockey a few times a week in a few different arenas.
One arena in particular has serious ice problems.

They pass the zamboni and we get on the ice.
About 30 minutes later the snow build-up starts to become a factor.
An hour into the game, there is so much snow it feels like you are playing on an outdoor rink.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to fix this problem ?
Is the rink not cold enough ?
The ice too soft ?
The zamboni not using enough water ?

Compared to other rinks, the staff at this rink don't seem to care too much.
As soon as the last game of the night is finished, they close the rink & leave. The maintenance staff does not stay for an extra hour or two to hose the ice down, check for cracks etc...

The ice is fine in terms of cracks & holes - they aren't really any.
But the snow build-up is really becoming a problem.

Any suggestions ?

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