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11-18-2008, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by spank303 View Post
I still don't understand why someone with the size and talent as Joe Thornton needs to act like such a baby every damn time he gets touched.

How many times does Ryan Jones have to get a stick or elbow in the face or be blatantly boarded for someone to call a penalty. It seems like every game he's getting hit in the face or being run from behind.

And I'm so sick of guys needing to fight just because someone on their team got hit, with a clean, legal hit no less. It's hockey, players are going to get hit but now, almost every game, players are trying to start fights because a teammate got hit. It's one thing if it's from behind or up high, but a plain check, let it go and just play the ****ing game!

Better play than in SJ, but crappy goals against.

Leggy with a great goal!!! Finally someone stayed at the net for the rebound and didn't have a fly-by!

At least Arnott is OK, most important thing.
Couldn't have said it better myself, I can't stand Thorton and the little Pavelski they dive more than any forwards in the league. Plus can't stand watchin the game from the Sharks announcers especially when Toots was called for "Charging" replay showed that when the contact was made Toots skate was on the ice. Only after the hit the boards did he come off his skates. Then the announcers called it "taking a run at somebody". Then after Toots beat the "S" out of Staubitz they called it an "even bout" lol. We know that if Thorton would have been hit into the net like that it would've been a major penalty. Can't touch them Sharks!!! You see "Big Joe" pulling away from Toots after his gloves came off then he goes after Nichol I bet "Big Joe" felt like a man after that bout. Then Shelley going after DeVires now that was an "even bout"(sarcasism). DeVires couldn't fight himself out of a wet paper bag. I know one thing I was missing Hordi last night.

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