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11-18-2008, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by _AC_ View Post
I said it before the season began. That this team is one PURE GOAL SCORER away from being a legit cup contender.
You could have it, but the tough choice is which part of the roster do you downgrade to get it? The popular answer is "the part earning the most money", but whether you're a fan of the high paid guys or not, there's always a danger in robbing Peter to pay Paul as they say.

Like I was saying earlier in the thread, this problem is magnified by the inability of the secondary scorers to do anything. If Prucha/Dawes/Fritsche/Korpikoski could match even Callahan's output, the lack of offense seems much less troubling. Other than obvious PP disaster, I really think uncorking the potential on one of these guys is a tipping point for the team. How you do that....well....different story, but I'm just saying....

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