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11-18-2008, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by guapo23 View Post

Compared to other rinks, the staff at this rink don't seem to care too much.
As soon as the last game of the night is finished, they close the rink & leave. The maintenance staff does not stay for an extra hour or two to hose the ice down, check for cracks etc...

The ice is fine in terms of cracks & holes - they aren't really any.
But the snow build-up is really becoming a problem.

Any suggestions ?
I play hockey at two different rinks & manage (zam drive, best job EVER) an open air ice rink. Snow builds up regardless when playing hockey games. More skaters = more snow. It would be way better for the ice if the staff zambonied the surface before they closed up & they certainly would NEVER want to hose down the ice. That would make for an uneven surface. You have to mist water down slowly with a hose to build up the ice, than use a zamboni to spread water evenly. Cracks & holes should never be a problem at an indoor rink. It sounds like there is just a lot of skating being done in your games. Not a whole lot can be done other than using big squeegee's to push it off in the D zones like they do in the NHL during tv timeouts. Play thru it & get your dangling done early in the game.

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