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11-18-2008, 04:06 PM
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Originally Posted by nodq View Post
Hey pred fans, I come in peace.

A few things:

Officiating. It's impossible to catch everything, every time. I don't think Pavs should have got a penalty at all, as Arnott was trying to play the puck, which makes him fair game. If anything, at most an interference with 2:00. By no means should that have been a major. Majors are for intent to injure (i.e. boarding) where there is a obvious chance of the player getting hurt. Nobody knew that Arnott would have gone head first into the pipe/net. It's a freak accident at best. Continued on that, the refs were not skewed in SJ's favor. One clear shot from the Pred's D bounced off the net and out of play but the faceoff stayed in the sharks zone. The replay clearly showed that. but it happens. refs miss things.
Personally, I feel that at most it should have been a minor for interference, which, by rule, would have been a double-minor because an injury occurred (which is why a high-stick that draws blood is a double-minor). However, it was a quick play and I can see the officials not making any call. Overall, I thought the officiating was terrible. Not terrible in a biased way, just that there were a lot of missed/inconsistent calls. By the way, on the puck that hit the frame of the goal, that puck should have remained in the zone because the rules were changed this season causing pucks that deflect out of play off the frame of the goal to remain in the offensive zone.

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