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11-18-2008, 05:02 PM
5M? insulting!!!
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Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
First off your a month and a half into the season so consider approx 1/4 of that 1.7million already spent and you aren't getting it back by waiving him now.

Secondly what are you gonna use it for... we have 2mill in cap space we will be able to aquire anything we need at the deadline.

Third we are 8-1-1 with Dandy in the lineup... he has not been playing badly, in fact he has far exceeded my expectations of him this year so far. I don't see what we gain by just waiving him.
Same here, but once Komisarek's back I'd still waive him (though I'd rather waive Bégin), he may not be playing badly but, reality is, even on a good night is not really better than a Bégin or a Lapierre.

It's not just the money saved it's also about having our players, even the 4th liners, to play more than 1/3 of the games... and have some sort of competition on the other lines, right now they know they're safe, NO ONE can be called up to replace them, and that includes guys like D'Agostini who's tearing up the AHL right now.

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