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11-18-2008, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by MissionHockey View Post
Aside from that last sentence, I agree with your post. If the Devils had drafted Richards and he followed the exact same developmental path as he has done throughout his career, he would not be the captain of the Devils. The Flyers the last couple seasons have been a revolving door for players and the only reason there was not to make him captain was that he was too young. Its not the same situation as Parise. If Langenbrunner magically dissappeared (godforbid, but wouldn't surprise me the way this season is going), there are plenty of Devils that have shown loyalty to the Devils, that have been staples with the organization, that would be in line well before Parise.

That doesn't mean that Parise is not a leader though, which is what I'm reading in this thread. I have said that he might be in line for an 'A' and got grilled for it because of all the veterans in front of him. However, I do believe that the team follows Parise's example. This is pretty cliche, but he comes to play every night, and Sutter has the most faith in him out of all our scoring forwards. He gets the most ice-time night in and night out. I have no doubt in my mind that when Parise gains more seniority, that he will have the 'C' on his chest. Afterall, he wore an 'A' for the United States during the World Championships. Parise possesses all the qualities of a natural born leader. He is humble, he leads by example, and he has absolutely zero quit in him. As a matter of fact, if he were drafted by he Flyers instead of Richards, he could have been captain of Philadelphia instead of Richards.
Who was the captain of the US team?

I just don't think that's true...Kimmo Timmonen is a hell of a leader and almost had it this year. Richards is up on Parise in the leadership I think and would be the captain...just about anywhere minus the obvious two Colorado (Sakic) or 'Troit (Lidstrom). He's just goooood

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