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11-18-2008, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Hub City Hab View Post
Wow... I can't believe the comments on this board. Did you guys really watch the game or were you constantly going to the fridge for more beer.

There were 15 Habs who played worse than O'Byrne tonight. He played a physical game which what he is supposed to do. So he took a penalty.... deal with it. Samsonov's goal came about because of a bad play by Kostitsyn.

The problem was no hustlle by the forwards, no forecheck pressure, soft passes that were easily intercepted and the fact they were trying to score pretty goals instead of goals. And Montreal's pathetic power play is going nowhere with Kostitsyn, Brisebois or Tanguay on the point. They need a solution there long before they need a replacement for O'Byrne

When a team scores one goal a game, it is pretty hard to blame the defensmen for the loss.

Now I know why I don't come to this board very often any more... only a handful of guys know what they are talking about. There is too much garbage to sort through.
I see what you're saying. He did make two big mistakes, but the Habs gave up close to 50 shots, almost 20 of them in the third period alone. His mistakes came at the end of either a bad giveaway or a weak shift which saw Carolina cycle and shoot for about a minute and a half solid. It's a chain of mistakes, and we are being hardest on the guy who happened to be the last link. There were bad plays all over the ice, except in goal.

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