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11-19-2008, 12:31 AM
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I might get flamed for this but why do people get so angry? They demand a certain team or changes. I find that hilarious, they don't own the team or have any say anyway. "But we're loyal fans who deserve better" says who? Relax people, it's just a game. People will say i'm not a true fan if i can say it's just a game. No, i'm just normal enough to know if i lose my mind or i stay calm, it won't change anything.

People have the idea in their head that if the team is losing or they don't like the coach or gm, the person in question will get fired. Why? because you said so, doesn't work that way. That's up to management and the owner of the franchise. Just because you watch the game, check the highlights and post on hfboards doesn't mean much(this is what i do, so i'm not aiming at anyone in particular). We're fans, we're not coaches, gms or owners, just fans. You either stick by your team or don't. All i hear is "the canadiens are my favourite team but i don't like how management operates, how the coaches coach and how the team plays", contradictory much? Seems to me you only like the jersey or something. If they're your favourite team, stick by them. Just because you may have been watching them since you were 4 and liked the team then, doesn't mean it gives you a right to complain when it's not the same team you fell in love with as a kid.

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