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11-19-2008, 05:42 AM
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Originally Posted by CanadaIsHockey View Post
Wow! It's Official the Montreal Board's maturity level has dropped down to a new low.
We lose a game to the Hurricanes, I admit we got pretty much owned in the 3rd mostly, but WOW, do we need 10 different threads on "This guy sucks" or "That guy sucks"?
I'm not saying it's everyone but the few who are doing this really need to stop.
It's an 82 game season, if after the 40th or 50th game we are playing like this, i'd understand, but for the love of god we haven't even played 20 games yet...

Are you guys really FANS or you just love criticizing everything?

It seems Montreal has A LOT of those people.
When we're winning:
-Montreal is the best
-We own everyone in the NHL
-Price, Kovalev, Koivu are all gods
-Carbo's a Genious and should win the Jack Adams

BUT the same people when we're on a losing streak...
-Our team Sucks
-We need to rebuild
-Carbo is a terrible coach
-Trade Kovy
-Price should be in the AHL..

Hey Newsflash people, Every team EVERY year will go through losing streaks, 2-3-4 games or even more. It's only normal. But it seems people here are so naive that they believe Montreal is too perfect for that to happen to us. Yes guys, even the best teams go through losing streaks.

I mean Come on... WTF is wrong with you guys?
The same people who praise the team 1 night bash it the next and I find this sad.

Just an FYI: Ive been watching hockey since I was 5 or 6, around 1990 when Russ Courtnall #6 became my favorite Hab. We have gone through a LOT of tough times since but I personaly, and i'm sure a lot of you who remembers the late 90s era, stood by this team, cheering the team on every game as though we can go All The Way every year even when deep inside we knew we didn't have much of a chance. But the hope was still there.

Now we have a good team, we are playing our best hockey in the last 15 years, we've been patient for 5 years. Giving the team another 25 games to show us what they can do is really not much to ask.
A lot of NHL Teams would give anything to have the talent and potential our team does.

All these bogus threads that have been made to bash players and coaching staff should all be locked.
Who's with me on this 1? Let's be patient and who knows, good things might happen, just like last year.
I totally agree.

No need to panic.

The Canes ourworked us most of the game,but, we only lost 2-1. And their 2nd goal took a lucky bounce to go right to their player for that 2nd goal. If that bounce does not happen, and A. Kosti does not hit the post and scores instead we win 2-1.

Our defence has played well in the last 3 games even without Komi.

Our offence is in a bit of a slump but we have good players. They will get in the groove soon. No need to worry.

We will make the playoffs and make a good run at winning the Cup this year.

Bank on it.

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