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11-19-2008, 07:45 AM
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Well I certainly made out better than last year. I would've gotten a lot more, but I stood in Gagne's line for an hour and a half. My list: Gagne, Parent, Nodl, Alberts, Knuble, Hatcher, Cote, and Gratton. Gagne and Parent were pretty nice, but they seemed really bored. Gagne kept getting up while I was waiting. I swear I never thought I'd get out of that line. Nodl, Alberts, and Knuble were all extremely nice, especially Alberts. I feel bad for knocking on him too now hahah. By the time we got done with that line though, everything was pretty much closed off, but the lady me and my friend were walking around with knows everyone so she got us in the Cote line. Unfortunately, no Cannon for me . I already had his jersey signed anyway though. And speaking of jerseys, I filled out the pre-order paper for a Richards third. I have no idea how much that ****'s gonna cost, but I know it's gonna be crazy trying to get one of those around Christmas. My mom yelled at me and said I should've waited to get it as a gift, so I just told her to give me the money and I'll give her the jersey to give to me hahah. Either way, I'll get my money hahaha.

Marty is pretty ****ing awesome though. The group I was with all decided to go to a bar afterward back in Vorhees, and me and my friend got there mad fast, but the other car with everyone else called us on the way. Apparently they saw Marty next to them at a light, and he pulled over for them and signed their stuff and took pictures. He said he was really sorry about how the night went, because a lot of people only got one or two autographs. They really do need to set that **** up better next year.

GKJ, I was looking for people but I didn't see anyone from here. It was probably me though. Although, I'm pretty sure I saw you at the end of the game on Sunday walking out.

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