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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post
I figured that's what yours was. So like what do you do when you like buy clothes and stuff. For all you know you're being told to put on like neon green with burnt sienna. Like is everything black, white, and gray? We had a test in grade school once and with some shades of green I'm color blind, or can't differentiate rather, but I had an anatomy class with someone who is totally colorblind and only sees black, white, and gray.
I'm not as bad as your classmate was. Over the years the jokes got so over the top that this screen name seemed appropriate, but I'm actually only red/green colorblind. Everything else I see the same as everyone else (except purple occasionally throws me for a loop), but most of the time I can't differentiate between red and green unless they're really pronounced, like neon green and the strong red the Phillies wear.

For the longest time I basically just avoided any potential problems when I bought clothes. Being still in school I can get away with always wearing jeans (they go with every color). In the past I always went with neutral colors (black, brown, tan, grey) or blue when I bought stuff just so I wouldn't be confused. More recently I've taken some risks and have tried to go with more colors. I usually just buy something if I like it but ask somebody what color it is before I actually wear it and just match things up by memory in the morning. I still probably get called out for wearing a ridiculous combination every month or so though.

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