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11-19-2008, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Pr3Va1L View Post
Komi won't do a rematch, and shouldn't.

There's still 6 more games after that one anyways, right?

I doubt Lucic will have much of a choice but to fight Laraque... At least I hope so.

I mean.. How can you hope to be respected as a fighter when you turn down fights?
Especially after beating a teammate of his.

Anyways, What I really hope is that Laraque won't give him a choice... Hit him to the limit of charging until he blows a fuse (which shouldn't take long at all, considering Lucy's temper...)
Lucic is a smart hockey player he won't fight Laraque if he don't have to. Laraque can't act like an idiot if he wants to and give the Bruins PPs.

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