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11-19-2008, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Kalcon View Post
I'd sooner see Komi fight Lucic and lose than BGL fight Lucic and win.
As another poster eluded to, BGL don't fight crazy, he fights like a gentleman. Lucic will not be bothered by that. He's too tough. Also, Lucic will not be expected to win so, in my estimation, it will give the Bruins a bigger lift if he does drops them with BGL regardless of the outcome. And god forbid if Lucic gets lucky and wins (which could very likely happen), then it will be an even bigger boost to the Bruins and their fans.
It would mean a hell of a lot more if Komi exacted his own revenge on Lucic.
Can you imagine the noise in the Bell Centre if Komi takes down Lucic?
It's things like this that change the tide of a season, let alone a single game!
To answer the bolded, sure. I could also imagine the lack of noise if (when) Komisarek lost against Lucic on home ice.

There's too much of a discrepancy in fighting talent between the two. Talk all you want about which one is stronger or tougher in a hockey setting, but when the gloves are off my money's on Lucic 9 times out of 10, and the last thing the team would need is to take the crowd out of the game. Especially considering how Montreal's low confidence is contrasted by the fact that the Bruins are soaring right now.

As for the original question, I don't think Lucic would do too bad against Laraque, but if they do drop them, it should get the crowd going no matter what the outcome (if Lucic gets the decision, I doubt it would be lopsided enough to sap the energy from the crowd/team). The only issue is getting Lucic to accept the challenge, something I suspect may not happen.

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