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11-19-2008, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
We have the same team that finished 1st last year.
We replaced Ryder with Tanguay, that's a plus.
We replaced Smolinski with Lang, that's also a plus.

We lost Streit.

I highly doubt Streit is the reason for our collapse.

That's where the coach comes in. It's his job to prepare the team. 30 Giveaways a game is quite a lot. I'm sorry but you can't put all the blame on the players for that.
We have a great team in terms of raw talent, we also have pretty much the same team as last year. So, it's not normal that ALL our players just suddenly all play bad at the same time this season.
This comes from the coach. What we were doing last year isn't working this year, that means we have to adapt something new.
I fail to see anything new in our plays.

Further more, we lost 1 player on what was our bread and butter last season. ONE player.
Instead of finding a replacement there, we switched all 5players. Please explain to me the reasoning behind this.

We lose Streit, so we put Markov on the right point (NEW)..Tanguay on left point (NEW)..Koivu center (matched up with NEW players)..Lang on left (NEW)..Higgy/Lats on right side (NEW)

Why didn't we keep it intact and just put A.Kost (most powerful shooter in our team) on the point with Lats taking his spot down low?..Why did we completely reshuffle a winning combination??
Why does our D look like crap when we were claiming we had the best Top3D prior to the start of the year?

All these questions are related to coaching. While I agree, a lot of players could be doing more, I also think the Coach could do a hell of a better job.
Hum, the only difference is, its Higgins who had the spot down low (he was 3rd for PP goals after Kovy and Pleks)... but yeah for everything else, I agree.

Put it back to what it was, with a replacement for Streit :


Then use the second unit to experiment, you'll have a lot of choice :

Lang, Koivu/Pleks, SKost, Tanguay, Lats, Hammer....

Or simply switch Higgins for Tangs on the first unit.

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