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11-19-2008, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Vicious View Post
I was just coming here to complain about the same thing... he told them to go back to siberia. He also mentions that these lazy players are taking the spots of "our quebecers" who don't deserve to be benched. Oh and according to Gaston Therrien, O'Byrne doesn't have to clear waivers.

I really think it's mob mentality; they are all choosing to see the exact same thing. Somehow the whole RDS crew thought AK sucked last games.. when everyone here thinks he was our best forward last two games. It started with le moron chantelois and now it's the rest of the gang as well.
in their 2 marbles in a tin can heads they think that by bashing the Kost bros, Gainey would bump Tender to the 1st line after getting rid of the bros.

can't understand how morons like that are allowed to work for a national sport channel.

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