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11-19-2008, 07:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
HE'S NOT A FIGHTER!!!!! Why wouldn't you be able to be big, hit hard, but don't necessarily fight? Can people understand that fighting is an art that not everybody can possess? And every Bruins fans who worship fights should also respect the fighters and acknowledge that it's not everybody who can do it. Does Jay Bouwmeester fight a lot? BUT HE'S BIG, HE SHOULD FIGHT!!!! How was Kjell Samuellsson fighting in the days, the guy was freakin 6'6'', he can surely fight!!!!

Does that mean that if I send Bouillon to every 5'8'' of the league, those 5'8'' should fight Bouillon as well 'cause they're the same height?

When will people realize that the height has not everything to do with how great a fighter you are...was Domi that tall and big? Is Colton Orr a giant?

You're asking what will happen to Komi's reputation is BGL fights for him? So what will happen to his reputation if Komi keeps fighting and loses them all...don't you think he'll also be the laugh of the league. "So Komi you're playing real tough when you have a stick in your hands but you just can't handle going further...." Komi is a tough player who MOST of the time hits hard and is fair in his hits. Since when being hit automatically means that you need to drop it? Players in the NHL can't take a legal hit without wanting to fight anymore? Take the hit like a man and if you didn't like it, well it's your turn to send him flying next time you have the chance. There's other things you could do to a guy that might not necessarily want to fight you know....

Hearing things like this make me think that if the NHL abolish the fighting, we'll lose a lot of fans who call themselves fans of the sports but in reality loves their fighting with a little hockey in between......
It's not a atter of whether he's a fighter or not, it's a matter of pride. If he doesn't fight Lucic again then Lucic has shown that Komi is what most Bruin fans have thought all along...that Komi can talk the talk but can't walk the walk.
There's an unwritten code...or at least there was...if you're big, hit hard and play a rough, in-your-face style of game then you will have to answer the bell at certain times. There's no better time for Komi to do that. If he doesn't then Lucic and the Bruins get the last laugh...and sometimes that ends up being a lot harder to swallow that losing a fight!
Time for Komi to man up. These are the Bruins for god sake! Fights are expected!
Set the tone instead waiting for the tone to be set. Be the leader that is expected of him. If he doesn't do that then, I for one, will lose a lot of the respect I have for him.

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