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11-20-2008, 01:13 AM
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Originally Posted by shamski7 View Post
how did you fix the RROD? im tempted to follow one of these tutorial videos doing the X clamp mod since my warranty expired and microsoft was like whoaa hey we didnt do it... blah blah blah. even though i went on the xbox forums and hovercraft pointed out to me that MANY OTHER people have had the same problem i did.

im thinking of maybe holding out and waiting to see if microsoft will cave in and say oh yeah we screwed up with the new xbox live, we'll fix it for free. but i doubt it.

to try to x clamp mod or not?
I didnt have a warranty on mine either. They still fixed it...twice. I sent it back both times and they payed for the shipping and what not. They almost hafta fix it due to it being a product flaw. Call them and raise hell. Not once the second time, did they ask me anything about how long I had it.

A friend said the towel technique works but that you have to do it once a week or so

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