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11-20-2008, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Hav-a-lot View Post
Every effort to interpret the jumble of sentences you call a post is an attempt. How can something be more intact than something else? Either it's intact or it's not. What's intact for Gretzky might not be as great as it once was, but no one in good mental health is saying that.

Did you run into walls as a kid? "On the condition that Gretzky got back in shape, how would he perform?" It's a viable premise. Gretzky could get back in shape, the human body is capable of such a thing. The human body isn't capable of growing 4 inches in your middle ages.

Gretzky is 6 foot btw.
Well, Gordie Howe (with his freakish strength, incredible ability to recover, and unsurpassed cardiovascular strength), after warming up for 6 years in the WHA, came back to the NHL and put up 0.5 PPG (after 8/9 years absence). Gretzky, even if he did "get into shape" (whatever you and others hold that standard to be), he would be lucky to produce at half that rate. And I am a huge Gretzky fan (who has supported him through all the top 3 of all time threads) saying this.

What you call "physically possible" I call so unlikely that it's a notion not worth being taken seriously.

And I've stood next to Gretzky. I am pretty sure he's not really 6 foot. MAYBE 5'11".

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