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11-20-2008, 08:17 AM
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Originally Posted by sarge88 View Post
What happened then? Komi refused to fight and Hab fans supported him because (to paraphrase what most on this board were saying) "Why would a top pairing defenseman spend 5 in the box over a 4th liner?"

But now, Lucic is supposed to fight the toughest guy in the league because he recently beat up one of the biggest guys in the league?

Doesn't the same standard hold since Lucic is now clearly a top 6 forward on the B's and Laraque is a 5 minute per game 4th liner/occasional healthy scratch?

Lastly, as I know it will come up again. The reason everyone wanted Komisarek to fight Lucic was to answer for the cheap hits he threw all last year (low bridge on Milan, primarily) as well as all the yapping he does coupled with pushing around anyone who weighs 60 lbs. less than him.

Lucic, isn't a dirty player and he only seems to mouth off toward Komi, so aside from pounding away on a guy who deserved it what had Lucic done that he needs to answer for?
Again, you can't be serious. Are you actually saying that we're singing different tunes but you guys weren't? Didn't you refute last the fact that we were saying that Komi shouldn't go with Lucic but now finds that Lucic shouldn't go with BGL? It does work both ways....but it also does work for both teams. Your board kept saying that Komi SHOULD have gone with Lucic. And now you're using the TONS of cheap shots Komi did to Lucic (while really being able to name one) for Komi to answer the call. And have the nerve to even say that the yapping and pushing around is enough to provoke a fight? Based on that, shouldn't there be 80 fights per game???? As far as the "only seems to mouth off towards Komi"....come on.....I know that this addressed to guys who actually don't see a lot of Bruins game other than when we play them, but there are actually guys who see a lot of other games even when we don't play....and Lucic is not that quiet....

As far as pounding a guy who deserved it, what did Lucic did? Well some could say he took a guy not known for his fighting and mocked him in the end of the bout. That would certainly be enough for most of your fans in your board, it could be enough for some in ours....

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