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11-20-2008, 03:12 PM
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Ok, I'll try to put out some facts even if I know it won't change anything.

First you got to consider the numbers :

Lets say there are 1 500 000 habs fan in Quebec (cause it concerns every fan from the province of Quebec and not only resident of Montreal)

Lets say about 5% of them have voted for the all star game at least once = 75 000 votes

Lets say about 5% of the voters have vote every day for 10 times a day and they are the one who are voting for all 6 habs players = 3 750 voters * 10 time a day * 8 days !? = 300 000 votes.

300 000 votes is what Markov has and I'm pretty sure a lot of fans of other teams have voted for him so my numbers are inflated. I know the numbers aren't probably right, but you see how easy it is for a small group of people to get some players to the all star game.

What the numbers are showing is that if around 0,5 % of habs fan think it would be funny to have a starting line-up made of habs player in the all-star game for the 100 years of the habs, they can easily do it by voting 10 times a day for those player…

This Logic is applied for every fan base :

Biron -> 21 089 votes (shouldn't really have votes this year)
Toskala -> 16 226 votes
Kaberle -> 39 626 (on so-so year)


For every fan base, there are small groups who are voting for their players; it just happens that this year is a special year so there's a lot more habs fan then a lot of other teams…

Second, it doesn't change anything that the game will be held in Montreal. It's a pain in the *** to get tickets for a regular game for the habs so don't even think that a regular fan will get tickets. It will be a lot of companies and rich fans, the ones who don't spend their time voting on internet. The ones who are voting will watch the game on tv just like if it was anywhere else…

21 273 tickets / 1 500 000 fans (habs fans only, not even including fans of other teams who will attend the game) = so under 1,5% of habs fans will see the game live, the others will watch it on tv like if it was any other city.

So the "you always see them play, why vote for them" concern about 1,5% of the fans, for the others, it concerns them as much as it concerns fans of any other teams in the nhl who will watch this game on tv. And there are as much fans of other teams who are voting for their players without reason then there are habs fans who are doing it.

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