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11-20-2008, 06:30 PM
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Originally Posted by BigTimer View Post
What you don't understand is that the Montreal Canadiens isn't a country club or a fan club. It's a team that's part of a specator sport, and the spectators want a winning team. Brisebois, at this point and time, does not belong on the Montreal Canadiens because the fans want a winning team and Patrice does not contribute to that. Just look at the Habs record with him in the lineup over the past two years... it's a big enough sample to mean something.

I have nothing against Brisebois getting his 1000 games... I do have a problem with him getting his 1000 games as a Montreal Canadien. We are supposed to be a contending team in the top quarter of the conference, and yet we still keep Brisebois on the team. And like you said, the writing is on the wall, he WILL be here next year when his abilities will of diminished even more.

You know as well as I do that if Carbo wasn't behind the bench, that Brisebois might not of joined the Habs for a second stint. It's a clear example of nepotism, and with that word in play it becomes a very slippery slope for the rest of the dressing room.

The Canadiens owe nothing to Brisebois. Absolutely nothing.
What I don't understand? Read my post again and you'll see I do. I don't think he should be playing a regular shift anymore.. I don't mind him as a #7 (but we didn't need him because of Dandenault).

Like McPhee said above, where are you finding this huge Carbo/Briesbois friendship. They played like.. 1-2 years together. Brisebois was golfing with Bob Gainey when he spoke to him about a return, not Carbo.

I also highly disagree with the last point. I don't think they owe it to him to let him get 1,000 games. But they do owe him something.. Minus 2 years, the guy is a lifelong Hab. He also showed by coming back that Montreal IS the place to be .. that might help with potential UFAs. They don't owe him games.. but they do owe him something.

Plus, Montreal is the only team without a defensive coach.. Brisebois will be there, if he wants it next year.

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