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Originally Posted by Newhabfan View Post
Dear Mr. Serenade,

I really don't like your post(s). That being said in a totally polite and minimal way of course. There are a lot of insinuations in your post(s) that clearly express your position on this issue. And you also seem to have such strong opinions that no matter what we tell you they won't change...which bring questions about the purpose of this thread. But I digress.

BTW - why would only Montreal based opinions be worthy of note? beats me.

We don't want the "full roster" to be Hab, as you claim, but just the starting line. Plenty of room for the "really best players" as you suggest.

We are playing the game exactly by the rules it was always played and intended to. In a very legit manner too. The whole bot voting issue was completely the NHL's fault and was favouring all fanbases in an equal manner. Even after they added all the fraud prevention options we are still gaining votes more then any other team.

And let this be clear for you and others. We are one of the best (if not the best) hockey fanbase. The game is here and we are in our centennial year. No matter if Koivu and Kovy will be at -30, I will still vote for them 20 times per day during the next month. Cause, you know, this is what real fans do. Most are like me btw - don't let a few threads here fool you.

oh...I'm sorry - I wasn't minimal enough it seems. But hey, neither were you.

I appreciate the polite response, but you've made some accusations and assumptions towards me that I will address. First, I don't understand why you want to change my "strong opinions". Why cant I just have an opinion that differs from yours or others? Why don't you like my posts?? After, my initial topic posts, I've made a single post in this thread to clarify a question.

Your entire response is written as if you represent everyone's opinions. How do you know everyone feels that way? How do you know I am not a Habs fans or that I dont live in Montreal? Where did I indicate any of this information? How do you know that I don't want any Habs players in the ASG? Is it because you don't agree with the points I brought up?

Baring any software exploits, I'm not questioning the voting system, I don't care about the quality of the fan bases, and it's the fact that you can't dissociate this is causing you to make these assumptions.

Yes its a big year for the habs but its that much bigger for habs' fans that are Montrealers since it has a stake in the city image. That's why I asked Montrealers specifically.

Here is where I stand. To make it the best ASG it has to be enjoyable for everyone across the NHL, which will I think can only help the city. It shouldn't be just for one fan base. This big year for the habs... yet the occasion doesn't belong to the habs alone, but to everyone (can't celebrate your birthday alone). This is a huge milestone for the league in general.

You know I created this thread in the Main board, out of 3 pages two post stuck to the topic. The rest were taking shots at Habs''s either left or right on this forum. Needless to say, I had deleted the thread after consulting a Mod.

Finally, Im going to add that I am not in any way, shape or form judging or criticizing anyone for their opinion so stop trying to defend it as if its under attack. I just want to know what people think...

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