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11-21-2008, 01:04 AM
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Originally Posted by David View Post
That's what happens when you try to make a roster spot for him when he doesn't deserve one on the team and this has been going on game after game for more than two years!

He's sorry ass should have been in AHL long time it's too late even to do that because he has to pass through waivers...

He was drafted as a power forward and he needs to play that...but he's gutless so he can't even mustard enough balls to go stand in front of the opposing he's basically just taking up a roster spot where a more deserving guy should be.
Some of you guys are way too hard on a 21 years old guy with only ( or already, depends how you see it ) two seasons in the nhl. 32 goals in two season at that age is quite impressive for a player, especially considering the little time he's played on the power play.

Power forward always takes more time to develop, he's only just now finished growing up.

If he wasn't trying to improve during the off season, I would agree he's stealing someone's place, but he did work out, he did improve his skating. He's better along the board, his foot speed has increased, he is better defensively, all he need now is to drive the net more often.

Just give him time.

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