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11-21-2008, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
Big deal, look at the times Edmonton and Calgary made it to the Stanley cup finals on sheer force of will. And despite being less talented the Habs havn't played any better today than in the playoffs than in those late 90's early 00's. Habs havn't made it past the second round since 92-93 so don't act like this team is some juggernaut when they havn't proven anything outside of a cinderella season last year capped off with a pathetic playoff showing.

If talent alone = Stanley Cup the Rangers would have won it many times after 94. Yeah you should watch detroit play sometime if you think they don't work hard, lots of hard work and talent a good combination.
Edmonton and Calgary played solid systems (especially defensively and on the forecheck) and got lights out goaltending on their Finals runs. To say they did it only by force of will is ridiculous.

To say that Montreal's playoff effort was pathetic last year is misinformed at best. The team lost, not because it didn't work hard. They out hit and outshot Philly in most of the games in the second round last year. They lost because they played relatively poor defensively, didn't get great goaltending, and didn't convert on, or were stoned on great chances.

You're right that work ethic is an important aspect of any cup run. So is talent. However, you completely miss the fact that tactics and strategy are something that is just as important. As is the execution and performance of individual players (which players go hot and cold). Last of all, there's a little bit of luck. Every team needs things to go the right way to win.

I think that you're simplifying what leads to a team's success in the playoffs, and that's what other posters are commenting on.

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