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Originally Posted by Vaheh View Post
1st question
When playing a 3 on 2 does 1 D-man cover the puck carrier and the other try to cover a pass,or do they both try to stop the pass and would playing the body take you out of the play??
Well, it depends on who's carrying the puck into the zone. Generally you want to watch the player going towards the net who doesn't have the puck. Isolate that player from receiving the pass and let the goalie worry about the puck carrier.

Beside, that's his job...not yours. You need to worry about taking out the guy who's going to get the pass. Once the shot it made, help clear any rebounds that might come off your goalie. Don't stand there watching to see if he will get the rebound. Don't wait for the goalie to get it. Just clear it into the corner.

Now 3 on 2 are kind of tricky. However, the attaching party needs to have their act together and most of the time, they do not. Why? The majority of the time I see three players crossing the line at the same time, three a breast, instead of two going deep and one staying high. This will add depth, which will open up time and space in the attack.

If you are a defensemen and you commit yourself to the puck carrier, you leave the attacking man open on your side for the attack and the pass. This is why you cover him and let the goalie do his job.

2nd question
How do you do a hip check,when and where??
Any place on the ice! Up against the boards or open ice. It all depends on how close the puck carrier is to you. Then it's just a matter of bending your body at the waist, making a "C" cut for driving force and making contact. Now, if the puck carrier is coming on your right side, you make a "C" cut with your left skate, which will steer your body into his skating path. Make sure, once you are in his path, to keep that "C" cut leg extended, so it acts like a counter balance so you don't fall with him.

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