Thread: Injury Report: Komisarek out for 1 more month
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11-21-2008, 01:28 PM
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Originally Posted by bwoar View Post
I was about to invoke that terrible name......

I wish people would stop calling for the head of Milan Lucic, he's just playing his game and he's playing it well. It's really poor form to blame him for Komisarek's injury, K did it to himself by picking a fight with the wrong guy.

And contrary to what someone said, not every fan here wanted to throw themselves under a bus after the loss to Boston. Losses happen, bad beats happen, I'll bet the older posters here didn't drink too many salty beers over it. See the Sens board, if you want a taste of that evil brew.

I see this as a chance for O'Byrne to step up -- he'll be getting yet more games that he probably hasn't earned. Remember, just because he's played poorly so far doesn't mean that one night the light won't suddenly "flick on" and lo and behold he makes that little jump to NHL-level. Maybe that never happens. But maybe it comes when we're least expecting it, too. Last night he made some good and brave pinches late in the game on one shift, with the fourth line out forechecking, that showed poise and confidence. (Pierre Houde was surprised!) We just can't throw him back to Hamilton and say "too bad you're not good enough yet" - if he doesn't improve this year, he very likely never will.

Meanwhile I'm very happy we have Josh Gorges, he's #4 unless Boullion steps up and actually starts hitting guys again.
Gorges has been ahead of Boullion since the end of the playoffs, and it's not like he's going to regress anytime soon. Gorges, right now, is playing like a bonafide second pairing d-man.

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