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11-22-2008, 08:26 PM
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Originally Posted by hans View Post
I don't mean to suggest that we ought to trade Frolov; I value him as much as you do. It's by reasoning of your second point that I think it's bound to happen. In the salary cap world, especially in a dwindling salary cap world, you have to have a balance between high-paid stars and cheap young players. Frolov would be well within his right to look for something around 5-6 million a year on his next contract, and he'll get it...somewhere. It comes down to which way 5-6 million dollars will better serve us: Frolov, or (hypothetically) Moller and Purcell on their second contracts.

That's why I think Purcell may be groomed to replace. Frolov, by virtue of his NHL tenure and his defensive game, is worth even more than his statistics. If Purcell can approach Frolov's production but without the years of experience or defensive game, Lombardi would presumably be able to sign him for less. Now of course there's a tradeoff; those other aspects of Frolov are certainly valuable, but I think the theory would be that after 3 years of Murray, all our forwards will play defense and all will have NHL experience, so Frolov's game will be less of a rare breed and we'll be able to cover it between Purcell's offense and Kopitar/Brown/O'Sullivan's newfound defense. Not that I'd particularly like that to see that happen, but I get the feeling that's what we're headed towards out of cap necessity.
I would sign him up to 5 million

But can we really assume that he will go for 5-6 mil?

I dont really know

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