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Originally Posted by whycutRolston View Post
When did he proclaim himself the "heavyweight champion"?

And why the **** would he fight with Laraque? He is by far the better of the two and it would put us at a disadvantage. We need him as much as you need Komisarek-which if you had him tonite, I think you would've won(IMO). There is no need for him to fight with Laraque anyway. Besides Laraque says he only goes with heavyweights. After calling Lucic a middleweight, what kind of point was he trying to send by going after him. Laraque should've been more busy, you know, playing the game of hockey instead of gooning around making himself look like an ***.

On a positive note for you guys, the twins played well and so did Boullion(sp?)
Man why does it have to be double standards with you guys?

Lucic runs his mouth, pumps his fist up then cowers when called upon. You said Komo had to answer for his "low" legal hip check? How about Lucic answering for his WWE antics? Komo ain't a fighter
and he answered the bell. Lucic loves to fight but pisses his pants when he sees the toughest one.

But you know what. I don't mind. I'll wait as long as it takes till Lucic finally does. We have Laraque for 3 years and he's got a good memory. Till then, Lucic is a chcken, plain and simple.

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