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11-22-2008, 09:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Kurt Sexington View Post
besides the fact that he's a major *****, it's that Cam Neely he's not. The minute the Habs but a body on him he was totally ineffective. Besides his goal, which was a situation of right time, right place if I've ever seen on, I don't even remember seeing him on the ice.
Don't remember him on the ice? If you were watching on TV, I believe the camera followed him around while BGL tried to chase him down shift after shift. Kinda hard to miss. I think you were watching the wrong game or something.

Seriously though, why would Lucic fight Laraque? WHY? Can you seriously answer that? Give me a good answer for it...please.

Habs fans being pissed off at Lucic and calling him a coward for not fighting George Freaking Laraque, the well known one and only greatest hockey fighter in the world, makes ALL Habs fans look bad. And I'm friends with some pretty level-headed Habs fans.

You sir, are making them look bad. I guarantee they will agree with that!

Be proud though, Montreal played well and outplayed Boston most of the night. One suggestion though, don't change your entire gameplan just because of a 20-year-old sophomore.

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