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11-22-2008, 10:05 PM
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Originally Posted by WhamBamCam8 View Post
To one of the better posters on any board...

I think it's the fact there is no history there...No cheapshots between the one on one battles....Komisarek/Lucic is a rivalry that is good for hockey. Two hard nosed guys, for the most part clean hockey players. There was a history of questionable hits there as well, even though they were hardly the worst ever.

There is no history with BGL/Lucic. There was no cheapness on Lucic's part on Georges. BGL is acting like Lucic pounded the hell out of Koivu or Kovalev. BGL being *mad* for a celebration IMO is no reason demanding Lucic to fight.

Would I like to see it? Hell yeah. Do I think he should? Hell yeah. Is he a coward, chicken, loser, whatever? Not in my opinion.
And to another good calling comes from frustration. You guys were frustrated last year and I stop counting the times when you guys kept insulting our players, calling them divers, still doing it tonight, you even had the nerve to call our friend Yvon Pedneault, "a senile frenchie"....( I know, I'm everywhere....)

As far as the history.....well seems to me that it is building as we speak. Almost a full period full of talking will make some sort of history between the 2.

Julien just said that it was a clear call from him, he didn't want Lucic to go with BGL tonight and I understand that. But it doesn't mean that Habs fans wouldn't want to see it.....All Bruins fans were expecting the Thornton-Bégin fight....what was the history between the 2? Bégin had to pay for what he did to can Lucic pay for what he did to Komi?

And don't tell me Savard can't handle himself....he did kill Avery....

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