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11-23-2008, 01:40 AM
Quiet Robert
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I really don't understand the logic that says that Julien had the upper hand in terms of the Lucic-Laraque matchup. If Kovalev backchecks properly are there really any positives about Lucic's game tonight?

I fully realize it sounds silly to argue well, if you ignore the goal he scored, Lucic was largely infective but I think it's a valid point (as counter intuitive as it may seem.) If you break it down to Lucic vs. Laraque, and to larger extent Boston's first line vs. Montreal's line w/ Laraque, I don't think there's much to cheer about from a Boston POV.

Lucic's goal occurred for 3 reasons:

1) Bouillon was caught pinching too deep
2) O'Byrne got beat by nice deke on Kessel's part
3) Kovalev's pathetic backchecking left Lucic alone to collect the pass.

As far as "Lucic is in Carbo/Habs head..." next tell me what colour the sky is...Really a physical beast capable of creating offence, wreaking havoc and playing 15:00+ minutes a night should be ignored? Carbo would be much smarter not gameplan for "Moses"...(Case in point as to Lucic's effectiveness tonight, did he really "part the sea" tonight like he did last game or rather was he invisible for the most part?) It wasn't the most orthodox way to contain Lucic, but as someone who tries to watch the games with as little bias as possible, I think it worked. Claiming some kind of moral upper hand because Lucic is "in their heads" is counter-productive.

Anyways as far as the non-moral victory stuff:

-More of the same. November has been a really bad month for the team.

-If anyone is in the Habs' head, it's probably Tim Thomas. We used to torch this guy and now he's looking like prime-Hasek. Very frustrating to watch him make all these unorthodox saves.

-Awesome hit by Koivu. He hasn't thrown anything this big this year, but he really seems to be throwing his weight around more often...good to see.

-Really getting tired of Kovalev's act this year. I don't want to bash him continually, but man he just hasn't shown up this year. He's been very frustrating to watch.

-Excellent first period. Average 2nd period. Shaky 3rd period though I liked the fact that they came back and tied the game up. Julien's annoying 1-2-2 (and sometimes 1-4) makes it really hard to create chances. The fact that Carbo went with the same kind of passive trap was even more frustrating.

-Overall the first period had some great drama but the rest of the game settled into a trap fest with few chances created by either side.

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