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11-23-2008, 01:05 AM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
Oh no! definitely not our best line-up having a 4th liner on our 1st line, but in this particular case (all the talk about a possible BGL-Lucic fight) it was good. True, BGL didnt bother looking at the puck in the 1st but on the other hand I don't recall his "opponent" touching it either, Lucic wasnt making good play nor having an impact physically neither. It was more 4 vs 4 than anything, look at the "tapes", 1st period, Lucic is invisble. If there's a flaw using this strategy is that BGL doesnt have the wheels to do that "chasing" 15/20 minutes a game, but good for us you played the night before so it's not like your guys were full of energy either

That we agree completely, no point in doing so, but at the very least don't talk about Lucic being only 20 or not being a goon in the coach PC cause it gives the impression the kid is being intimidated by BGL, and since he IS a goon, BGL (and Carbonneau) might use it to it's advantage, it's like saying : the kid AND the coach are intimidated by you Georges, have fun next game!

remember, the idea here was not for Laraque to fight Lucic, but to throw him off his game. Wich he did in the 1st and part of the 2nd, until we were down a goal actually.

Thanks for being honest Claude, but in this case a BS awnser like "kid is hurt a little" or "we played yesterday" would have been just fine IMO
Huh? I'm very interested to see how you define "goon". I don't consider a player a goon if he's the regular LW on the top line, has 6G, 7A and is a plus 9. Now, a guy that gets maybe five minutes per game, no goals, no assists,is a minus four on the year and only played on the first line tonight so he could try to instigate a fight.....HIM, I would consider a goon. But that's just me. I guess goon must mean something else up there.

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