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11-23-2008, 01:06 AM
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Originally Posted by clutchandgrab View Post
For the record, I'm not sure why you keep putting quotes around comments like that in response to my post. Because I never said them. Anyway, sure, you do have to game plan for Lucic. I just disagree (respectfully) that Georges is the answer. To say that Lucic was less of a factor tonight than he was last time around is correct. But the fact is, he was an absolute beast in that last game. Tough act to follow, especially on the road in back to back games. I will agree that Lucic seemed to lay off a couple times when he could have laid out big hits. But I'm not sold that it was because of Laraque. Part of that may be he assumed he was under a microscope and didn't want to do anything to catch the refs eye and draw a penalty.
I know we all see the game differently, and I really do try to watch with as little bias as possible. I can understand why so many of you guys "hate" Lucic. Hey, I always hated any Canadien who was productive against Boston. As much as we hate to admit it, it's a sign of respect more often than not.
My post wasn't directed at you, but rather to the the general theme of the night which seemed to indicate that Julien/Lucic had the upper hand. (Even CBC commentators were arguing this.) I'm saying that when you have a player with Lucic's physical abilities, who just dominated your team in the previous meeting, Carbo would have to be incompetent not to try something to nullify Lucic's effect.

Granted the Bruins won the game, and Lucic scored a big goal, but I'm saying as counter intuitive as it sounds that if ignore that part of the game, Laraque evidently negated Lucic's overall effectiveness when the two were on the ice together.

To be clear, I'm not saying Lucic is scared, or that Laraque intimidated him etc...and I don't want to get into those type of debates. From my perspective, judging by Lucic's past, I doubt he was scared and judging from post-game comments Julien didn't allow him to fight. However, his gameplay was clearly hampered due to Laraque's shadowing when the two were on the ice together. It's not necessarily the threat of fight, it's just the fact of having someone skate with you stride for stride for you entire shift trying to get off your game.

As far as getting the penalty, I can agree with that to a certain extent, and you right in saying that the 6-1 performance was a tough act to follow. However, when Laraque was shadowing him, he simply wasn't an impact player.

I still think that if you look at the chances that the Bruins' first line created while they matched up against, there simply weren't many.

Like I said, it wasn't orthodox, but it worked. Now, getting Kovalev to backcheck like he actually cares, that's a whole nother story. Lucic drove to the net and Kovalev's laziness was one of the main of the main contributor's to the goal, not anything BGL did. (Or if you're being generous: Kovalev's poor hockey sense didn't allow him to compute that Lucic was his man...) Either way, Lucic got rewarded with a goal, but outside of that I didn't feel he was a huge factor.

*So again, Lucic scored a goal and I realize it's a little silly to ignore that in the final analysis, but I'm willing to do it because the goal had nothing to do with Laraque Lucic.

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