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07-14-2004, 07:27 PM
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Originally Posted by JCD
Simoneau wasn't all that impressive even before injuries mounted. He had a high tackle count, but it was a lot of downfield pursuit tackles and few "plays". While Trotter did take himself out of position often, he also made far more plays (INTs, Sacks, stuffs in the back field, forced fumbles).
Well far more plays is misleading, sure over his career he has more total as you put it "plays", but in Trotters best season with better defenseive talent he had 1.5 more sacks, although last year and the year before Trotter had less sacks total then Sim had this past season, 1 less forced fumble, he has better interception numbers, but he played in an Eagles defense where you attacked underneath with plays to the TE and RB. One other thing is Trotter had the benefit of being here when JJ first showed up, and had three years to play in this scheme, last year was Sims first year, and again this was one of the worst Eagles defense in several years. But before all the injuries he was doing what was being asked and did it very well, the Eagles defense verse the run was a very good defense, up until the injuries, and that was his primary responsibiltity.

Was Trotter a good player yes, did JJ scheme cover some of his lack of instinct and freelancing. One thing I will say is that I welcome Trotters intensity and attitude on the field.

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