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07-14-2004, 07:37 PM
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Originally Posted by JCD
A pass rush will make life far easier, but that is no guarentee. Kearse's totals have been in decline and he has a history of injuries. I think they are overblown and he will be fine, but it is still a concern.
He is also moving back to the side of the line that he had his early sucess.

Originally Posted by JCD
I would strongly disagree about 10 teams being worse at CB. Honestly, I think it would be tough to name even 5. If you add in nickel and dimebacks, Eagles are bottom-5 for certain. Eagles don't have one proven starter at CB on the roster.
Well I would strongly disagree with your statment, boy you would think that when Brown and Lito started all those games last season without Dawkin, Vincent and Taylor and most of the defensive line that the Eagles didnt win a game. Oh well you can have your opinion and worry about ghosts and rumors, and I'll take what I saw last year and realize that they will have a better supporting cast, and a better grasp of the defense.

Originally Posted by JCD
This is a problem that compounds on itself. Eagles use blitzes to help generate a pass rush, the pass rush helps protect weak CBs, but need to be able to match-up in man coverage to blitz effectively.
They had to use blitzes because the defensive front four in its depleated state could not generate anything other then a whimper. JJ uses the blitz in certain situations where he need to force a throw, JJ true genious is when he doesnt have to blitz to generate pressure, and then can turn it loose anytime he wants.

Lito and Brown are not weak, if they were weak they would have been torn apart, they were inexperienced but they are not weak.

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